Download AKTU Maths 4 Syllabus 2024

Download Maths 4 syllabus PDF for given branches, Computer/Electronics/Electrical & Allied Branches, CS/IT, EC/IC, EE/EN,
Mechanical & Allied Branches, (ME/AE/AU/MT/PE/MI/PL) Textile/Chemical & Allied Branches, TT/TC/CT, CHE/FT. Subject Code BAS303/ BAS303H/ BAS403/BAS403H.

Maths 4 Syllabus 2024 Overview:

Unit I: Partial Differential Equations 

Origin of Partial Differential Equations, Linear and Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations
of first order, Lagrange’s Equations method to solve Linear Partial Differential Equations,
Charpit’s method to solve Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations, Solution of Linear
Partial Differential Equation of Higher order with constant coefficients, Equations reducible
to linear partial differential equations with constant coefficients.

Unit 2: Applications of Partial Differential Equations and Fourier Transform

Method of separation of variables, Solution of one dimensional heat equation, wave equation,
Two-dimensional heat equation (only Laplace Equation) and their application, Complex
Fourier transform, Fourier sine transform, Fourier cosine transform, Inverse transform,
convolution theorem, Application of Fourier Transform to solve partial differential equation.

Unit 3: Statistical Techniques I 

Overview of Measures of central tendency, Moments, Skewness, Kurtosis, Curve Fitting,
Method of least squares, Fitting of straight lines, Fitting of second degree parabola,
Exponential curves, Correlation and Rank correlation, Regression Analysis: Regression lines
of y on x and x on y.

Unit 4: Statistical Techniques II 

Overview of Probability Random variables (Discrete and Continuous Random variable)
Probability mass function and Probability density function, Expectation and variance,
Discrete and Continuous Probability distribution: Binomial, Poisson and Normal

Unit 5: Statistical Techniques III 

Introduction of Sampling Theory, Hypothesis, Null hypothesis, Alternative hypothesis,
Testing a Hypothesis, Level of significance, Confidence limits, Test of significance of
difference of means, t-test, Z-test and Chi-square test, Statistical Quality Control (SQC) ,
Control Charts, Control Charts for variables ( X and R Charts), Control Charts for Variables
(p, np and C charts).

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