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Software Engineering is the important subject of AKTU B-tech 3rd year. In the post we will provide you a quick recall of Software Engineering Syllabus and provide you a link to download Software Engineering Notes PDF for free. We provide Unit wise notes PDF.

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AKTU Software Engineering Syllabus

Unit 1

Introduction to Software Engineering
Why is Software Engineering required?
Importance of Software Engineering
Program vs. Software
Software Crisis
SDLC Models
Waterfall model
Prototype model
Iterative Waterfall model
Spiral model
Evolutionary development model
Iterative enhancement model
Product vs Process

Unit 1 Notes 

Unit 2

Requirement engineering process
Requirement elicitation
System documentation
Feasibility Study
Data Flow Diagram(DFD)
DFD vs Flow chart
ER diagram
Decision table vs Decision tree
SRS Document
Software Quality Assurance(SQA)
Verification and Validation
ISO 9000 models
ISO vs SEI-CMM model

Unit 2 Notes 

Unit 3

Concept of Software Design
Architectural and Procedural Design
Design Structure Charts
Pseudo Codes
Coupling and Cohesion Measures
Function Oriented Design
Object Oriented Design
Top-Down and Bottom-Up Design
Measurement and Metrics
Halestead’s Software Science
Function Point (FP) Based Measures
Cyclomatic Complexity Measures

Unit 3 Notes 

Unit 4

Testing Concepts
Unit Testing
Integration Testing
Acceptance Testing
Regression Testing
Error vs Fault vs Failure
Test Drivers and Test Stubs
Structural Testing (White Box Testing)
Functional Testing (Black Box Testing)
Alpha and Beta Testing of Products
Formal Technical Reviews (Peer Reviews)
Walk Through
Code Inspection
Compliance with Design and Coding Standards

Unit 4 Notes 

Unit 5

Software Maintenance
Types of Software Maintenance
Why Software Maintenance required?
Cost of Maintenance
Reverse Engineering
CASE Tools
Risk Management

Unit 5 Notes 


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