Download UPP Question Paper 2024:Download UPP Question Paper 2024

Hello guys, hope you all are preparing yourself for your UPP 2024 examination, which will conducted on 17th and 18th February 2024 in 4 shifts. To boost your preparation, I provide you UPP Question Paper 2024 in PDF format. UPP Question Paper 2024 PDF help you to target your weakness and work on it.

UPP Question Paper 2024 Key Points:

  • There are 150 questions in the UPP Question Paper 2024.
  • 1/4 marks will be deducted for wrong answer.
  • 1 Marks for correct answer. 
  • All sections are in mix format, i.e. math, hindi, GK, GS and reasoning questions are mix in the paper.
  • 2 hours and 5 minutes are given for the examination.
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UP Police Constable 2024 Syllabus

General Knowledge

Prepare for the UP Police Constable exam with a comprehensive understanding of various topics:

History of India

Delve into the rich tapestry of India’s past, covering significant events, leaders, and societal changes.

Commerce and Trade

Gain insights into the dynamics of commerce and trade, including economic principles, market trends, and business strategies.


Understand population dynamics, demographics, and related issues crucial for effective policing and governance.

Administrative System in Uttar Pradesh

Familiarize yourself with the administrative framework of Uttar Pradesh, including governance structures, roles, and responsibilities.

Natural Resources

Explore the abundant natural resources of Uttar Pradesh and their significance for the state’s development and sustainability.

Human Rights

Learn about fundamental human rights principles and their relevance to law enforcement and justice administration.

Environment and Urbanization

Understand environmental challenges and urban development issues, vital for promoting sustainable growth and public welfare.

Indian Economy and Culture

Explore the diverse facets of India’s economy and culture, reflecting the country’s heritage and contemporary realities.

General Science

Covering key scientific principles, discoveries, and advancements essential for a well-rounded understanding of the world.

Indian Agriculture

Gain insights into the agricultural sector, its challenges, innovations, and contributions to the nation’s economy.

Geography of India and World Geography

Study geographical phenomena, landscapes, and spatial relationships at both national and global scales.

Indian Constitution

Explore the foundational document of India’s governance system, understanding its principles, provisions, and significance.

Service Tax

Understand the concepts and implications of service taxation, relevant for economic governance and fiscal policies.

Awards and Honours

Stay updated on notable recognitions and accolades conferred nationally and internationally.


Familiarize yourself with essential geopolitical information, including countries, capitals, and currencies.

Important Days

Acknowledge significant commemorative days and events, reflecting cultural, historical, and social themes.

Research and Discovery

Explore breakthroughs in research and scientific discoveries shaping our understanding of the world.

Books and Their Authors

Discover literary works and their creators, spanning various genres, themes, and literary traditions.

Social Media Communication

Understand the role of social media in contemporary communication and its implications for law enforcement and public engagement.

Contemporary Issues

Stay informed about current affairs, both national and international, addressing pressing issues and challenges.

National and International Organizations

Learn about key organizations shaping global governance, diplomacy, and cooperation.

Revenue, Police, and Relations between India and Its Neighbouring Countries

Understand revenue management, law enforcement strategies, and diplomatic relations critical for national security and international cooperation.

Internal Security and Terrorism

Explore threats to internal security and counterterrorism measures, crucial for maintaining law and order.

Demonetization and Its Impact

Analyze the impact of significant policy interventions like demonetization on the economy and society.

Goods and Services and Cybercrime

Understand the dynamics of trade and commerce, along with emerging challenges such as cybercrime, necessitating effective law enforcement strategies.

General Hindi

Master the nuances of the Hindi language with the following topics:

Basic Knowledge of Hindi Grammar

Grasp fundamental grammar rules and structures essential for effective communication.

Polysemous Meanings

Explore words with multiple meanings and understand their contextual usage.

Tadbhav Tatsam and Similar Antonyms

Understand the distinctions between indigenous and Sanskrit-derived words, along with antonyms sharing similar roots.

Hindi and Other Indian Languages

Appreciate the linguistic diversity of India and the interplay between Hindi and other regional languages.

Hindi Alphabet

Familiarize yourself with the Devanagari script and its phonetic representations.


Expand your vocabulary by learning words with similar meanings but different expressions.

Verbs and Tense

Master verb conjugations and tense usage for accurate communication.

Correcting Incorrect Sentences

Develop proficiency in identifying and rectifying grammatical errors for enhanced clarity.


Understand gender-specific language usage and its implications for effective communication.

Compound, Prefix, Suffix

Explore word formations through compounds, prefixes, and suffixes, enriching your vocabulary.

Famous Poets, Writers, and Their Works

Discover renowned literary figures and their contributions to Hindi literature.


Master punctuation rules for improved writing style and clarity of expression.

Idioms and Proverbs

Learn commonly used idiomatic expressions and proverbs for enriched communication.

Rhyme and Figure of Speech

Appreciate poetic devices and figurative language techniques for literary analysis and creative expression.


Understand the role of conjunctions in linking words, phrases, and clauses within sentences.


Explore compound words and their usage in different contexts for effective communication.

Number and Case Pronoun

Grasp the nuances of pronouns in different grammatical cases and their agreement with nouns.


Understand the active and passive voice constructions for varied sentence structures.


Appreciate the aesthetic principles of rasa in literary and artistic expressions.


Master the usage of adjectives for descriptive and qualitative expressions.

Unread Sense

Explore ambiguous or metaphorical meanings in literary texts for nuanced interpretation.

Hindi Language in Awards

Acknowledge the recognition of Hindi language and literature in national and international awards.

Numerical and Mental Ability

Enhance your numerical and mental aptitude with the following topics:


Develop proficiency in mathematical operations and concepts essential for quantitative analysis:

  • Simplification
  • Percentage
  • Profit and Loss
  • Number System
  • Decimals and Fractions
  • Simple Interest
  • Compound Interest
  • Time and Work
  • Time and Distance
  • Use of Tables and Graphs
  • Mensuration
  • Arithmetical Computations
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Highest Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiple
  • Discount
  • Partnership
  • Average

Mental Ability

Sharpen your cognitive skills and logical reasoning abilities:

  • Logical Diagram
  • Symbol Analysis
  • Direct Knowledge
  • Word Formation Test
  • Signal-Relation Analysis
  • Word Composition Test
  • Letter and Number Series
  • Practical Knowledge Test
  • Direction Sense Test
  • Effective Argument
  • Determining Implied Meanings
  • Logical Analysis of Data
  • Partial Similarity in Word and Alphabet
  • Common Sense Test

Mental Aptitude

Cultivate a resilient and perceptive mindset conducive to effective policing:

Contemporary Police Issues & Law and Order

Stay abreast of contemporary challenges in law enforcement and maintaining public order.

Interest in Profession

Cultivate a passion for the policing profession and its role in serving society.

Mental Toughness

Develop resilience and fortitude to handle the demanding nature of police work effectively.

Sensitivity towards Minorities and Underprivileged

Demonstrate empathy and inclusivity in dealing with diverse communities and marginalized groups.

Gender Sensitivity

Promote gender equality and sensitivity in addressing issues of gender-based violence and discrimination.

Direction Sense Test

Hone your spatial awareness and navigational skills for effective policing and crime investigation.

Blood Relation

Master problem-solving techniques based on familial relationships and kinship structures.

Time Sequence Test

Enhance your ability to sequence events and actions accurately for investigative purposes.

Venn Diagram and Chart Type Test

Utilize visual aids such as Venn diagrams and charts for data interpretation and analysis.

Mathematical Ability Test

Apply mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills to law enforcement scenarios.

Arranging in Order

Organize information systematically for efficient decision-making and action planning.

Visual Memory

Develop your visual recall and observation skills for accurate crime scene analysis:

  • Discrimination
  • Observation
  • Relationship Recognition
  • Conceptual Understanding

Arithmetical Reasoning

Apply arithmetic principles to logical reasoning tasks for problem-solving:

  • Verbal and Figure Classification
  • Arithmetical Number Series
  • Abstract Idea Analysis
  • Symbolic Relationship Recognition
  • Analogies and Similarities
  • Differences and Variations
  • Space Visualization


Employ analytical thinking and decision-making skills to address complex challenges effectively.

Analysis and Judgment

Evaluate information critically and exercise sound judgment in diverse situations.

Decision Making

Demonstrate decisiveness and resolve in making timely and effective decisions.

Master the UP Police Constable 2024 Syllabus to excel in the upcoming exam and embark on a rewarding career in law enforcement.

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