HDT 6 Sem Important Ques & Ans AKTU B-Pharm:HDT 6 Sem Important Ques & Ans AKTU B-Pharm.

Download Herbal Drug Technology Important question and answer for free. HDT is crucial subject in AKTU 6 semester so to cover it fast a short notes are important. Here I choose some important question and answer for you guys. Read all question provided in HDT 6 Sem Important Ques & Ans PDF.

Important Ques & Ans of HDT 6th sem:

Q1. Herb , Source of Herbs, & Steps involved in processing of
herbal drug

Ans. I) Herb
• It consists of entire plant or any part of the plant.
• The word “Herb” is derived from Latin word “Herba “ which means grass,
green stalk or blader
II) Sources of Herbs
A) Wild sources B) Cultivated sources
A) wild source.
• The plants are obtained from wild Source and grow them without any type of Care
• This plants are grow in un-utilized land such as forest, plains, river banks.
• The wild plants also have reasonable active constituents and sometimes new variety is produced. These plants grow under favourable conditions in natural habitat.
B) Cultivated source
• plants are obtained form Cultivated Source
• This plants are grown with proper Care by humans.
• The care taken towards soil, Climate , rainfall , irrigation , temperature,manure , Pesticides and weeds
III) Steps involved in processing of herbal drugs
A) selection of Herbal Materials.
• The selection of botanical Species For cultivation is done as per Official Pharmacopoeia or official document.
• The Plant selected for cultivation should Be identified and documented.
B) Identification and Authentication of Herbal Material.
1)Botanical Identity :- The plant species selected for cultivation should beverified from qualified botanist and recorded.
2) Specimens :-Submit plant specimens of new unknown species to national herbarium for identification.

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3) Seeds and other propagation. Materials
• The suppliers should provide information related identity, quality as well as breeding history.
• The seeds and propagation Material should be free from Contamination & disease
C) Cultivation of medicinal plants
• Cultivation of medicinal plants requires intensive care and management as various factors like environment, soil, irrigation, pests etc. play a vital role. These factors vary from one plant to another.
• Scientific documented methods should be followed. If no data available, traditional methods should be adopted and a systematic method should be developed through research.
D) Collections of herbs
• The proper time of collection is important because the nature and quantities of constituents vary greatly in some species according to the season.
• The two basic factors which should be considered during collection are:
1) The plant parts should be collected when the level of active constituents are maximum
2) The different environmental factors to be considered are light, humidity, altitude, rainfall, soil type etc.

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