Human Value And Ethics B-Pharma Notes: 3rd Sem

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Human value and Ethics Important Ques & Ans

Values: Value means importance or the participation. The value of any unit in this
existence is its participation in the larger order of which it is a part. E.g. value of a pen is that it can

Human Values: the value of a human being is the participation of human being in this order. Hence
to understand the human values, we need to understand the human reality along with all that is there
in that existence constituting the larger order, and the role of human being in the relationship with
each and every unit in the existence.

Value Education: Character oriented education that instils basic values and ethnic values in one’s
psyche are called ‘Value Based Education’. The subject that enables us to understand ‘what is
valuable’ for human happiness is called value education.

Self Exploration: Self exploration is the process to find out what is valuable to me by investigating
within myself, what is right for me, true for me, has to be judged within myself. Through self
exploration we get the value of ourself. We live with different entirety (family, friends, air, soil,
water, trees, etc.) and we want to understand our relationship with all these. For this we need to start
observing inside.

Natural Acceptance: Natural acceptance is a mechanism of self exploration. Natural
acceptance is process to understand ourself first. Natural acceptance implies unconditional and total
acceptance of the self, people and environment. It also refers to the absence of any exception from
others. In other words, Natural acceptance is way to accept the good things naturally.

Experiential Validation: Experiential validation is a process that infuses direct
experience with the learning environment and content. When what we already believe to be true of
us is validated by some situations, phenomena or outcomes. We may term it as experiential
validation. It may be regarded as a philosophy and methodology in which the direct experience and
focused reflection of the individual helps to increase knowledge, develop skill and clarify values.
Most of what we know about our self is not only through our own opinion of our self but also
because of how others view us.

Svatva: Swatva means innateness of self – the natural acceptance of harmony. When I identify my
innateness, what I really what to be.

Swatantrata: Swatantrata means being self- organized – being in harmony with oneself. When I
identify my innateness, what I really what to be and establish a dialogue with it, it enables me to
become self organised, i.e. I attain harmony in myself. This is swatantrata.

Swarajya: Swarajya means self-expression, self- extension – living in harmony with others. When I
identify my innateness, what I really what to be and establish a dialogue with it, it enables me to
become self organised, i.e. I attain harmony in myself. When I start living with this harmony, it starts
expressing itself through my harmonious behaviour and work, and it naturally extends to my
participation with the surroundings. This is working towards swarajya.

Happiness (Sukh): Happiness may be defined as being in harmony/synergy in the state/ situation
that I live in. “A state or situation in which I live, if there is harmony in it then I like to be in that
state / situation. The state of liking is happiness.” It is a holistic and all encompassing state of the
mind that creates inner harmony.

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