What is PWG In AKTU Result? Full Information:What is PCP, PWG and COP in AKTU Result

In the realm of academics, the term “PWG” in AKTU (Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University) result represents a status that not all students are familiar with. PWG stands for “Passed with Grace Marks,” and in this article, we will elucidate what this status means, who is eligible for it, and its implications for students’ academic and professional journeys.

PWG Meaning in AKTU Result

PWG, or Passed with Grace Marks, is a designation granted to students who have successfully passed a specific subject but only with the assistance of grace marks. Grace marks, as the name suggests, are additional marks provided to students who have come close to passing a subject but have fallen just short by a few marks.

Eligibility for Grace Marks

To be eligible for grace marks, a student must meet specific criteria:

  • Minimum of 33% Marks: The student should have earned at least 33% of the total marks in the subject. If the student’s score falls below this threshold, they may not be considered for grace marks.
  • Maximum of 10 Marks: The maximum number of grace marks that can be awarded is 10 marks. This limit ensures that grace marks are offered judiciously and not as a means to bypass the academic rigor.

It’s important to note that the decision to award grace marks is typically automated and administered by AKTU. Students do not need to apply for them; they are automatically granted based on the eligibility criteria.

Implications of PWG Status

While PWG status does indicate that a student has passed a subject, it carries certain implications:

  • Mention in Marksheet: PWG status is noted in the student’s marksheet, indicating that the subject was cleared with the assistance of grace marks.
  • Scholarship Eligibility: Some scholarships or fellowships may have specific academic requirements, and having a PWG status might disqualify a student from such opportunities.
  • Professional Impact: In the job market, some employers may scrutinize academic records, and having PWG status could influence hiring decisions.

Improving Your Situation with PWG Status

If you find yourself in the PWG category, there are steps you can take to enhance your academic standing:

  1. Clear the Subject in the Next Semester: Aim to retake the subject and pass it without the need for grace marks in the following semester.
  2. Apply for a Re-exam: If you are unable to clear the subject in the subsequent semester, consider applying for a re-exam to give yourself another opportunity to succeed without grace marks.
  3. Repeat the Subject: In cases where re-examination doesn’t yield the desired results, you may need to repeat the subject in the next academic year. This might require extra effort and dedication, but it can lead to a cleaner academic record.


In conclusion, PWG status in AKTU result is a reflection of academic achievement with the assistance of grace marks. While it is not an ideal outcome, it doesn’t signify failure in the subject. It’s essential for students to be aware of the implications of having PWG status and to take proactive steps to improve their academic situation.

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